Look2Me Remover

Remove VX2.Look2Me spyware from your system

Look2me is a Trojan that is used to deliver other trojans and adware/spyware components. On each boot, the Trojan contacts a server at Rackspace.com. It then downloads potentially hundreds of other spyware components AND applications (that it installs automatically). Eventually the victims computer becomes unstable. This application is also a spyware. Spyware software generally does not provide any services to you; rather, it is primarily designed to watch you as you use your computer or surf the Internet, and report this information to hackers, advertising companies or other individuals who have placed the spyware on your computer.

Look2me Remover works as a solution to detect and clean the Systems which are infected from the latest versions of this malware.

Look2Me Remover


Look2Me Remover 1.2.0